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Magnetic drum

【Introduction】: A dry magnetic separator for pre-selection of coarse-grained ferromagnetic minerals.

【 Capacity 】: 100t/h-350t/h

【Improvement】: Large magnetic wrap angle design, magnetic wrap angle <180°, increase the length of the separation belt and the number of magnetic turnovers, to achieve effective separation of magnetic minerals and non (weak) magnetic minerals.


The magnetic system of Xinhai strong magnetic drum adopts neodymium iron boron magnet with high magnetic energy product and high coercive force, with high magnetic field strength and large depth of action;

The demagnetization rate of the magnetic field strength within 8 years does not exceed 5%;

The magnetic system is covered with non-magnetic stainless steel to ensure that the magnet does not fall off;

The cylinder body of the strong magnetic roller adopts non-magnetic stainless steel and is coated with wear-resistant rubber, and the service life of the cylinder body is significantly improved;

The strong magnetic roller can be used as either a driving roller or a driven roller.

Product Case

In an iron ore concentrator, the poor iron ore is subjected to magnetic separation after coarse crushing and medium crushing. In order to restore grade and save energy and increase production, a permanent magnetic drum magnetic separator is used to reduce the load of the next process. Two-stage magnetic separation is arranged, the magnetic field strength is large, the magnetic separation effect is very obvious, and the production efficiency is improved; at the same time, it can also be used to process tailings, which is beneficial to the reuse of equipment, saves costs, and improves grade.

Product Structure

The principle of the magnetic roller: usually used as the driving roller of the conveyor belt. When the material passes the magnetic roller on the conveyor belt, it is sorted. The magnetic material is attracted when it moves to the top of the roller, and automatically falls off when it turns to the bottom, rather than magnetic. The materials fall directly along the horizontal parabolic trajectory, and the magnetic materials and non-magnetic materials will enter different receiving hoppers respectively.

Technical Parameters

Model & Spec.Diameter of Cylinder (mm)Length of Cylinder (mm)Width of Belt (mm)Surface Magnetic Density (mt)Capacity
Feed Size (mm)Total Weight (t)