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XCF inflatable flotation machine Type

【Introduction】: A self-suction slurry aeration mechanical agitation flotation machine equipment (as the suction tank of KYF type flotation machine).

【 Capacity 】: 0.2~38 m³/min

【Improvement】: The tank body of the xcf flotation machine is the same as the KYF flotation machine, except that a cover plate is provided above the impeller to form a negative pressure area, which can self-absorb ore pulp, but the power consumption is slightly higher


Xinhai's flotation machine has a simple structure and strong stirring ability;

The air is evenly dispersed and the gas-slurry combination is good.

Fewer tailings deposit, low peripheral speed and low power consumption;

Can be combined with KYF flotation machine to form a combined flotation unit as a suction tank;

The structure characteristics and performance of this machine are similar to those of KYF flotation machine. The difference is that a stator is specially arranged above the impeller to form a special negative pressure area and self-absorption slurry.

In the flotation process, the rational use of flotation reagents can more effectively sort out useful minerals and gangue minerals.

Product Case

       A flotation plant in Shandong is small in scale and has limited budgetary funds. It is hoped that it can purchase a flotation equipment with a high cost performance. Xinhai Group recommends XCF inflatable agitating flotation machine according to customers' specific conditions. The main advantages of this xcf type flotation machine are small footprint, simple structure and easy maintenance. Due to the uniform dispersion of air, the degree of combination with the ore pulp is greatly improved, so that the materials in the ore pulp are stirred evenly, and the separation efficiency is increased by 30%. After being put into production, the intended purpose was completely achieved, the land area was saved, and the maintenance cost was low. It was well controlled and reduced the cost cost, and received high praise from customers.

Product Structure

      The working principle of the xcf inflatable flotation machine is mainly to drive the impeller to rotate through the motor transmission device and the hollow main shaft. The slurry in the groove is sucked into the space between the lower blades of the impeller through the bottom of the impeller through the bottom of the groove from the surroundings. At the same time, the low-pressure air supplied from the outside enters the air distribution in the cavity of the lower impeller through the beam, air regulating valve, hollow main shaft Then, it enters the lower blades of the impeller through small holes around the air distributor. After the ore pulp and air are fully mixed between the lower blades of the impeller, they are discharged from the outer edge of the lower blades of the impeller.

       The xcf inflatable flotation machine generates a certain negative pressure in the blades of the impeller due to the rotation of the impeller of the flotation machine and the cover plate and the central cylinder, so that the ore foam and the ore supply flow through the ore pipe and the ore pipe flow center In the cylinder, and enter the upper blades of the impeller, and finally discharged from the outer edge of the upper blades. The slurry and air mixture discharged from the outer edge of the lower blade of the impeller and the middle ore and the ore discharged from the outer edge of the upper blade of the impeller are stabilized and oriented by the stator installed around the impeller, and then enter the main slurry in the tank, and the mineralized bubbles rise to A foam layer is formed on the surface of the slurry, and part of the slurry returns to the lower blades of the impeller for recirculation, and the other part enters the next slot through the circulation holes in the wall of the slot for re-selection or discharge as a final product.

       The function of the impeller isolation disk of the xcf inflatable flotation machine is to prevent the slurry and air mixture discharged from the lower blade from affecting the suction of the blade on the impeller.

       The structure is shown in the figure, which consists of a tank containing ore pulp, a large isolation disc impeller with upper and lower blades, a stator with radial blades, a split disc cover plate, a split center cylinder, and a vent hole It is composed of connecting pipe, bearing body, hollow main shaft and air regulating valve. Deep groove type groove body has two types of open type and closed type. The bearing body has a seat type and a side hanging type, which is installed on the crossbeam which also serves as the air supply pipe.

       The xcf type flotation machine can be widely used in the selection of non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, and non-metallic minerals, suitable for rough and sweeping operations of large and medium-sized flotation plants.

Technical Parameters

Air Pressure of Blower (kPa)Max. Air Inflation Volume
Motor Power for Agitation
Motor Power for Scraper
XCF-110.2 ~1400358≥ 12.625.50.751154
XCF-220.4 ~2470305≥ 14.727.51.11659
XCF-330.6 ~3540266≥ 19.82111.52259
XCF-441.2 ~4620225≥ 19.82151.52669
XCF-883.0 ~8720175≥ 21.62221.53868
XCF-10104~10720192≥ 21.62301.54800
XCF-16164~16860160≥ 25.52371.56520
XCF-24244~24950153≥ 30.42371.58000
XCF-383810 ~381050136≥ 34.32551.511000