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SF type mechanical flotation machine

【Introduction】: A self-absorption pulp, from inspiration sf flotation machine mining equipment.

【 Capacity 】: 0.24~12m3/min

【Improvement】: The sf flotation machine has impeller blades on both sides, which can realize double circulation of slurry in the tank; forward inclined tank body, small dead angle, fast foam movement speed.


The impeller is equipped with double-sided backward inclined blades, which can realize double circulation of slurry in the tank;

The gap between the impeller and the cover plate is large, and the suction volume is large;

The peripheral speed of the impeller is low, and the life of wearing parts is long;

Forward tilting tank body with small dead angle and fast foam movement speed;

Large air intake and low energy consumption;

Long life of wearing parts;

Conducive to flotation of coarse-grained minerals;

Mechanical stirring, self-aspirating, self-aspirating pulp;

It can form a combined flotation unit with JJF flotation machine as the suction tank for each operation.

Product Case

       A copper mine beneficiation plant in Yunnan only used the re-election method in the beneficiation process, and the concentrate grade was lower after the separation. Introduced by friends to Xinhai mining equipment for consultation, and finally through the beneficiation test, the process was determined to be a heavy-flotation process. The SF type mechanical agitation flotation machine independently developed by Xinhai was used in the flotation. The design of the forward tilting tank body reduced the dead angle during the operation, which accelerated the foam movement speed and improved the separation efficiency. After the selection, the taste of the concentrate increased by 10% than expected, and the subsequent economic benefits of the plant were guaranteed.

Product Structure

       The working principle of the SF flotation machine, when the impeller rotates, the slurry in the upper and lower impeller chambers generates centrifugal force under the action of the upper and lower blades and is thrown around, so that a negative pressure zone is formed in the upper and lower impeller chambers. At the same time, the ore pulp in the upper part of the cover plate is sucked into the cavity of the upper impeller through the circulation holes in the cover plate to form the upper circulation of the ore pulp. When the lower blade throws out the slurry, the lower slurry is added to the center, thus forming a downward circulation of the slurry. The air is sucked into the upper impeller cavity through the suction pipe and the central cylinder, and is mixed with the sucked ore pulp to form a large number of fine bubbles. After the steady flow through the cover plate, it is evenly dispersed in the groove to form mineralized bubbles. The mineralized air bubbles float to the foam layer, and the foam products are scraped out by the scraper.

      The structure of sf flotation machine is mainly composed of tank body, main parts equipped with impeller, motor, scraper and transmission device. Its volume is more than 10m3.

Technical Parameters

Motor Power for Stir (kW)Motor Power for Scraper (kW)Single Tank Weight (kg)
SF-221.5 ~3550280111.51879
SF-442.0 ~4650235151.52582
SF-884.0 ~8760191302.24129
SF-16165.0 ~16850169~193451.57415
SF-202010 ~12850169~193451.59828