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filter press

【Introduction】: A dewatering device that uses the pressure of the slurry pump to make the liquid penetrate through the filter cloth.

【 Capacity 】: 20~1000 ㎡

【Improvement】: The plastic steel filter plate of the hydraulic chamber filter press is precision cast, resistant to high temperature and high pressure, and durable; programmable control and automatic operation.


The equipment has stable performance, high degree of automation, safety and reliability, and easy operation, and can realize backwashing operations;

There are two types of box filter presses and plate and frame filter presses;

Chamber filter press: suitable for concentrate ore filtration and tailings filter dry discharge operation, product size can reach -500 mesh;

Plate and frame filter press: suitable for dehydration and tailings dam treatment of fine ores such as gold, silver, copper, iron, zinc ore, rare earth, etc.

Product Case

Zimbabwe 700d/t gold beneficiation project

       In Zimbabwe's 700d/t gold mine concentrator's production drainage system, Xinhai uses two parts, a vane filter press and a thickener, to complete the drainage operation. The two parts of the filtrate water enter the production return tank for the return water production cycle. It is used to realize the non-discharge of sewage for the plant selection.

Product Structure

       Program-controlled automatic hydraulic box filter press is an intermittent solid-liquid separation equipment, which is designed and manufactured by the integration of machine and electricity. The structure is reasonable and the operation is simple and convenient; it can realize the compression of the filter plate, the holding pressure, the release of the filter plate, etc. Process. The filter chamber is composed of a van plate, a filter frame plate frame or an arrangement of the van plate. Under the pressure of the feed pump, the slurry is sent into the filter chamber, and the solid and liquid are separated through the filter medium.

      The chamber filter press is mainly composed of thrust plate, filter plate, pressure plate, electronic control system, cross beam, hydraulic cylinder and hydraulic system, etc., both sides of the filter plate are covered by filter cloth, and the dehydration operation can be completed by automatic control .

Technical Parameters

ModelFilter Area
Number of Filter
Spec. of Membrane Filter
Plate (MM)
Filter Cake Thickness
Volume of Filter
Chamber (M3)
Overall Dimension
XM/AZ 20/800U2020800×800×60300.2870.5~1.63500×1350×11602.22750
XM/AZ 30/800U30300.4534110×1350×11603130
XM/AZ 40/800U40400.6054720×1350×11603420
XM/AZ 50/800U50500.7565330×1350×11603700
XM/AZ 60/800U60600.9075940×1350×11604110
XM/AZ 70/800U70701.0596550×1350×11604400
XM/AZ 80/800U80801.217160×1350×11604740
XM/AZ 40/900U4032900×900×60300.590.5~1.64230×1480×12802.24500
XM/AZ 50/900U50400.754720×1480×12804800
XM/AZ 60/900U60470.885150×1480×12805100
XM/AZ 70/900U70631.196120×1480×12805700
XM/AZ 60/1000U60381000×1000×60300.90.5~1.65450×1560×13602.27080
XM/AZ 80/1000U80501.196180×1560×13607830
XM/AZ 100/1000U100621.486910×1560×13608680
XM/AZ 120/1000U120751.87710×1560×13609250
XM/AZ 125/1250U120461250×1250×65321.90.5~1.66500×1770×1620410900
XM/AZ 150/1250U150582.417290×1770×162011800
XM/AZ 180/1250U180692.888020×1770×162012700
XM/AZ 200/1250U200773.228550×1770×162013300
XM/AZ 220/1250U220843.519010×1770×162013900
XM/AZ 250/1250U250953.989740×1770×162014800
XM/AZ 300/1500U300771500×1500×70324.760.5~1.610040×2400×18005.526500
XM/AZ 320/1500U320835.1410460×2400×180027190
XM/AZ 340/1500U340885.4510820×2400×180027880
XM/AZ 350/1500U350905.5810960×2400×180028230
XM/AZ 380/1500U380986.0811530×2400×180029260
XM/AZ 400/1500U4001036.3911880×2400×180029950
XM/AZ 450/1500U4501167.2112810×2400×180031670
XM/AZ 500/1500U5001287.9613660×2400×180033390
XM/AZ 560/2000U560802000×2000×834011.160.5~1.610600×2900×24501156500
XM/AZ 600/2000U6008612.0112110×2900×245058000
XM/AZ 630/2000U6309012.5812440×2900×245059000
XM/AZ 670/2000U6709613.4312950×2900×245060500
XM/AZ 710/2000U71010114.1313370×2900×245062000
XM/AZ 750/2000U75010714.9813870×2900×245063300
XM/AZ 800/2000U80011415.9714460×2900×245065200
XM/AZ 850/2000U85012116.9615050×2900×245067000
XM/AZ 900/2000U90012817.9515640×2900×245069000
XM/AZ 950/2000U95013518.9416220×2900×245070600
XM/AZ 1000/2000U100014219.9216810×2900×245072300
XM/AZ 1060/2000U106015121.217570×2900×245074500
XM/AZ 1120/2000U112015922.3318240×2900×245076800
XM/AZ 1180/2000U118016823.6119000×2900×245079000