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Efficient high-frequency dewatering screen

【Introduction】: A unique design processing capacity, dehydration adequate dewatering equipment.

【 Capacity 】: ≤250t/h

【Improvement】: The tailings vibrating dewatering sieve adopts the side opening of the sieve plate to allow some water to flow out from the hole quickly, which speeds up the dewatering. In addition, it also avoids the damage caused by the water splashing on the motor. Th


Xinhai high-frequency dewatering screen is integrally riveted screen box, high strength, good rigidity, no thermal stress modular screen plate and sealing strip installation form, good sealing effect;

The side body shield of Xinhai tailings dewatering screen is sticked with wear-resistant rubber, which ensures that the dewatering screen is not deformed and broken by abrasion, and reduces the pollution of iron to materials;

The contact material is covered with wear-resistant natural rubber, which is corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant

The low-concentration slurry overflow tube is placed behind to accelerate the dehydration speed;

-5° inclination screen surface makes the water content of the discharge on the screen lower;

Wear-resistant rubber shock absorber makes the screen run more stable and lasting;

The high-efficiency dewatering screen has complete models and high dewatering efficiency.

Product Case

       A gold mine concentrator in northeast China has a large ore processing capacity. In order to save money and want to use more than one machine, Xinhai high-efficiency high-frequency dewatering screen was selected. According to the customer's supplementary requirements, technicians apply dual motor synchronization technology, universal eccentric block, adjustable amplitude vibrator to improve the dehydration screen, reduce the damage to the motor, and save money. Compared with the previous dewatering screen, the life of the machine is nearly doubled during the actual use of the machine. The customer is very satisfied and has reached a long-term cooperative relationship with us.

Product Structure

Xinhai high-efficiency dewatering screen adopts dual motor self-synchronization technology, universal eccentric block, adjustable amplitude vibrator. The screen is mainly composed of a screen box, an exciter, a support system and a motor. Two vibrators that are not in contact with each other operate synchronously and reversely. The centrifugal force generated by the two sets of eccentric masses is superimposed on the component of the vibration direction, and the reverse centrifugal force cancels out, thereby forming a single excited vibration along the vibration direction, which makes the screen box reciprocate. Linear motion.

Technical Parameters

Min. 30% Solid Feeding Slurry Concentration by VolumeUnit Motor Power (kW) X Quantity (set)
Coal Fine Theoretically -0.5+0.1(mm) Specific Gravity 1.5Coarse Sand Approxilly- 5(mm) 100%, -0.6(mm)50%, Specific Gravity 2.7Fine Sand 90% -1(mm) Specific Gravity 2.7980 (r/min)1460 (r/min)
1460 (r/min)980 (r/min)1460 (r/min)980 (r/min)1460 (r/min)980 (r/min)
VD66~810 ~1314281021 2 X2
VD99~1215 ~20214216323X2 
VD1215 ~1924 ~30336725502.6X24X2
VD1530 ~3550 ~606312547942.4X42.25X4
VD1835~4560 ~807715357115 3.7X4