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XPA Ⅱ high-head wear-resistant rubber slurry pump

【Introduction】: Slurry pump is a type of horizontal slurry pump, which mainly adopts a bipolar impeller series design. The impeller diameter can reach high head without increasing the diameter.

【 Capacity 】: ≤203m3/h

【Improvement】: Slurry pump is a type of horizontal slurry pump, which mainly adopts a bipolar impeller series design. The impeller diameter can reach high head without increasing the diameter.


The head can reach 70 meters, breaking the limit of rubber slurry pump not higher than 60 meters;

The impeller and sheath are made of Xinhai wear-resistant rubber, the wear resistance index reaches 128%, and the service life is 2-4 times higher than that of the metal pump;

High-lift slurry pump is a rare domestic wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, high-lift three-in-one rubber slurry pump;

Packed seal is used, which is simple and reliable, and will not cause leakage;

If you need to replace the flow parts, the operation is simple.

Product Case

      The Sudan iron ore plant needs a pump to drive the slurry into the pump box before the slurry is mixed. The head of the slurry pump selected by the plant before can only reach 50m, and it cannot yet reach the height of the pump box. After learning the product details on Xinhai's website, Xinhai XPA Ⅱ type high-lift wear-resistant rubber slurry pump was purchased. The equipment adopts double-machine impellers connected in series and has a lift of up to 70m. Combined with Xinhai wear-resistant rubber, the service life is 2-4 times that of the metal high-lift slurry pump, which saves a lot of cost for the plant.

Product Structure

        The working principle of the slurry pump is to use the motor to drive the impeller to rotate. The blades of the impeller force the fluid to rotate, that is, the impeller does work on the fluid in its direction of movement, thereby forcing the pressure potential energy and kinetic energy of the fluid to increase. Under the action of the inertial force of the fluid, It flows from the center to the edge of the impeller, and flows out of the impeller at a very high speed, enters the extrusion chamber, and then exits through the outlet pipe. This process is called the pressurized water process.

         At the same time, due to the flow of fluid from the center of the impeller to the low-pressure area at the center of the impeller, when it has sufficient vacuum, under the effect of strong pressure at the suction end, the fluid enters the impeller through the suction chamber. This process is called the water absorption process. When rotating, the fluid is continuously discharged and sucked, forming a continuous work.

        Xinhai slurry pump can be used as a feed pressurizing pump and tailings pump for filter presses, breaking through the limitation that rubber pumps cannot be used for lift projects above 60 meters, and the application field is larger.

        In addition, the Pumptec computer-aided design software developed by the company can select reasonable specifications, motor power, speed and piping through the computer according to the physical characteristics of the transported slurry and the matching pipes and fittings, so that the pump selection is more suitable The needs of different plant selection.

Technical Parameters

Model & Spec.Flow
Max. Head
Rotating Speed (r/min)Max. Rated Power (kW)Max. Efficiency
Overall Dimension (mm)
XPA 50/5020 ~6038800~24002251200156725X482X491
XPA 80/8030~10045600~21004553256326915X590X595
XPA 100/10060~16050600~16007557340440999 X 648 X 660
XPA 150/125100~26047400~1400110633726081280X736X758
XPA 200/150160~45047450~1200132694337361313X788X822
XPA 250/200300~90046400~12002507845412501600X812X956
XPA 300/250



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