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Efficient stirring tank

【Introduction】: A mixing device that forces ore pulp to circulate up and down in the tank.

【 Capacity 】: 0.58~45m3

【Improvement】: The unique umbrella-shaped impeller exerts downward pressure on the ore pulp to make the ore pulp circulate up and down along the guide tube, and the agent and the slurry are mixed more fully; the stirring ability is enhanced and the medicine ore circulat


The diameter of the impeller is large, the speed is fast, and the mixing ability of ore pulp and medicine is strong;

The enhancement of the stirring ability has also strengthened the circulation ability of the slurry and medicine;

There is a fluid guide in the mixing tank, and the larger negative compression is smaller in the limited space, which accelerates the suction capacity, makes the circulation capacity of the medicine ore stronger, and increases the suction capacity and circulation capacity;

The lower part of the flow guide is provided with a spray body, and the circulation capacity of the medicine ore is further strengthened, which is conducive to improving the flotation index.

Product Case

A gold mine beneficiation plant in Guangxi used a traditional paddle mixing tank during the mixing and dosing process. The mixing force is not strong, the ore slurry rotates around the vertical axis and the medicament is mixed unevenly, and the impeller wears out quickly. Later, after consulting Xinhai mining equipment, Xinhai recommended a high-efficiency mixing tank for it. The umbrella-shaped impeller of this equipment has a large diameter and a large linear speed, which makes the medicament uniformly balanced, and the energy consumption is 24% less than that of the pulp-type stirring tank. Save about 20%, the flotation index is significantly improved compared to before. The impeller adopts polyurethane material, which has strong wear resistance and has achieved satisfactory results in this plant.

Product Structure

       The working principle of the high-efficiency mixing tank is: the ore pulp is discharged from the lower end of the impeller in the axial direction under the rotation of the blade impeller, and a negative pressure is formed in the impeller cavity, so that the ore slurry flows into the impeller cavity from the impeller to supplement. At the same time, under the effect of the flow guide of the flow stabilizing plate, the ore pulp forms a vertical circulating flow with the center downward and the circumference upward in the tank. When the upflow velocity of the slurry is greater than the settling velocity of the ore particles, the ore particles in the slurry will be in a suspended state and maintain a uniform concentration.

Technical Parameters

ModelEffective Volume (m3)Rotating Speed of Impeller (r/min)Diameter of Impeller (mm)Motor ModelMotor Power