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What parts are included in the mine tailings processing system?


       Tailings treatment facilities are an indispensable part of a beneficiation plant. Tailings are the most serious pollutants in mining, and tailings ponds that treat tailings are also an important safety measure. According to national regulations, tailings disposal and mine safety facilities must be designed, constructed, and produced at the same time as the main project of the concentrator.

        The tailings treatment equipment of the dressing plant mainly includes tailings concentration, return water, tailings transportation, and tailings stacking facilities. The method of transporting and stacking tailings depends on the concentration and particle size of the treated tailings. The tailings discharged from metal mines and non-metal mines are not only huge (in terms of 100 million tons per year), but also there may be many useful minerals in the tailings. If these tailings are arbitrarily discharged, it will not only cause a serious environment Pollution will also cause the loss of a large number of natural resources. Therefore, the tailings need to be properly stored after treatment. The tailings treatment process refers to the process of performing a series of dehydration and concentration work on the tailings produced by the concentrator, and properly storing or recycling the treated tailings. And these tailings processing equipment are collectively called.

Tailings processing equipment usually includes the following parts;

1. The tailings concentration and transportation system mainly includes mine tailings concentration and dewatering equipment, tailings transportation pipelines, and tailings dispersion pipelines. With these equipment, the tailings produced by the concentrator can be transported to the tailings storage.

2. Tailings backwater system, including backwater ore sand discharge vertical pumping station, backwater pipeline and backwater pool, used to recover clean water from the tailings pond's concentration tank, dehydration, filtration and waste water tank, and return it Go to a mineral processing plant for production and reuse.

3. Tailings storage system, usually called tailings pond, including reservoir area, tailings dam, flood discharge structure and observation facilities, etc., is used to store tailing slurry discharged from the concentrator.

4. Tailings water treatment system, including sedimentation tanks, vertical pump delivery stations for waste water, leakage interception and recovery facilities, for the treatment of substandard recycled water and substandard discharged tailings water.