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the full tailings cement filling process in the beneficiation plant


In traditional mining activities, in order to be able to recover safely, a part of the ore is often left as an ore pillar. There are still a lot of valuable ore in these reserved ore pillars. If these ores cannot be recovered, it will cause a lot of ore loss , Causing waste of resources and reducing the economic benefits of enterprises. The use of tailings sand for backfilling of mined-out areas is one of the most effective ways to solve the above problems, which can greatly extend the service life of the mine. So what are the benefits of using tailings sand for backfilling in goaf?

1. First of all, the reserved pillars can be recovered to the utmost to reduce the waste of mineral resources.

2. Strengthen the control of ground pressure activities and reduce the threats caused by blasting activities in mining.

3. Effectively protect the ground from being more seriously damaged, and maintain the local ecological environment to the greatest extent.

        The technology of using tailings sand for backfilling in mined-out areas is called the full tailings sand cementation filling process. After a long period of development, people have slowly realized that the higher the concentration of tailings slurry slurry filling the mined-out area, the more beneficial it is. The safety of the filling body and the lower the cost of the filling. The continuous improvement and innovation of the full tailings sand cementation filling process is also a continuous exploration of how to increase the concentration of tailings sand.

        Through experiments and various statistical data, it is confirmed that in most cases, when the concentration of the tailings pulp reaches more than 60%, the strength of the filler body will increase by 5% every time the concentration of the tailings pulp increases by 1%, and when the filling When the body strength is 3Mpa~4Mlpa, the paste slurry will save 80kg/m3~100kg/m3 cement per cubic meter than the high concentration slurry.