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Several methods of tailings disposal


        It is well known that human mining and beneficiation activities will produce certain environmental pollution problems. The waste generated in the process of mineral mining must be properly treated, so as to minimize the damage caused by mineral mining to the environment. Among the wastes produced by mineral mining, tailings are the most important component. Concentrators generally use dams or tailings ponds to manage the resulting tailings.

         Another treatment strategy for tailings is to concentrate and dehydrate the tailings. The resulting tailings are concentrated by an efficient concentrator and processed by a filter press to remove excess water in the tailings, and then the dehydrated tailings and cement Mixed to produce building materials or fill underground mines.

         With the continuous development of beneficiation technology and continuous innovation of beneficiation equipment, some mining companies began to seek new methods, hoping to reuse tailings and select the remaining valuable minerals from the tailings, De Beers Comprehensive Mine (DBCM) has attempted to extract previously neglected diamonds from 360 million tons of old tailings around the Kimberley mine in South Africa. According to the company, thanks to the advancement of separation, sorting and crushing equipment, it can be Very small diamonds are recovered from the residue of diamond ore. De Beers recovered 815,036 carats of diamonds from 6,133,799 tons of tailings in 2013 and is expected to continue operations after 2030. 

        In the future, tailings may become a viable resource for extracting remaining rare elements, and abandoned mine tailings may contain large amounts of rare earth elements. Now, modern mineral processing technology will enable them to be recycled. This is good news because rare earth elements are extremely difficult and expensive to mine, and are key components in consumer electronics such as TVs, computers, cameras and mobile phones, as well as catalytic converters and metal alloys.