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Gold processing equipment and beneficiation process Introduction


       The gold ore beneficiation equipment mainly includes crushing equipment, grinding equipment, classifiers, mixing barrels, chutes, flotation machines, etc.

        At present, the mainstream gold separation process is generally crushed by beneficiation equipment (crusher equipment: jaw crusher), then crushed by gold ore beneficiation equipment (high-efficiency energy-saving ball mill), and then classified by classifier, mixing barrel, chute, flotation machine, etc. Equipment processing, through gravity separation, flotation, extract the concentrate and tailings, and then apply the beneficiation agent through chemical methods, and finally through smelting, the product will eventually become finished gold.

        Pyro-smelting is a commonly used copper smelting process, which is divided into blast furnace smelting, reverberatory furnace smelting, electric furnace smelting, flash furnace smelting, and Noranda continuous copper smelting. Hydrometallurgy is mainly used to process oxidized ores or single ores with low natural copper content. Due to the different leaching agents used, they can be divided into:

        1. Sulfuric acid leaching method is used to treat acid oxide ores with high silica content;

        2. Ammonia leaching method is used to treat oxidized ores containing a lot of alkaline minerals or natural copper poor ore;

        3. Bacteria leaching method is used to treat low-grade sulfide stone.

        According to the different natural types of ore, it is divided into three types according to the ratio of copper oxide and copper sulfide: sulfide ore, oxide ore, and mixed ore. The processing technology is as follows:

        1. Sulfide ore and polymetallic sulfide ore, according to the composition characteristics of the ore, mixed flotation, priority flotation, mixed priority flotation, combined flotation and gravity separation, combined flotation and magnetic separation are selected. , And combined treatment of flotation and hydrometallurgy, etc.;

        2. Oxidized ore beneficiation is usually combined with flotation and hydro-smelting or combined with segregation and flotation; highland ores containing combined copper oxide are commonly treated with hydro-smelting;

        3. The flotation method is commonly used for the beneficiation of mixed ore, which can be processed alone or together with sulfide ore; it can also be combined with flotation and wet smelting.