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Hematite beneficiation process

[ Capacity ]: >=10tpd

[ Introduction ]:Shandong Xinhai Mining Equipment has made technical improvements to the beneficiation equipment required for the hematite beneficiation process. For hematite with more complex ore properties, the hematite beneficiation process by Xinhai Mining Equipment c

Grinding in stages to reduce the amount of subsequent operations and reduce costs

The first stage of grinding and classification uses a ball mill and a cyclone to form a closed circuit grinding, which can not only ensure the classification efficiency but also the classification granularity; at the same time, some qualified concentrates can be selected in advance. And through the high gradient magnetic separator, part of the low-grade tailings can be discarded, which can not only reduce the amount of regrinding in the middle ore, but also avoid over-grinding and reduce metal loss.

Using magnetic separation-flotation combined process, green and environmental protection

Magnetic separation operations promptly sort out qualified coarse-grained concentrates and tailings in accordance with the principle of early harvest and early disposal, and reduce the amount of flotation operations and reduce costs.

Strong magnetic tail throwing, providing flotation conditions

The strong magnetic process can recover fine-grained iron minerals, which can play the dual role of desilting and tail throwing, creating better conditions for flotation operations;

Reverse flotation process, less float and more

The reagent system of the reverse flotation process is simple, which can significantly reduce the organic substances such as flotation reagents entering the ore pulp and reduce its adverse effects on the flotation process.