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Beneficiation process of copper-lead-zinc

[ Capacity ]: >=10tpd

[ Introduction ]:The copper-lead-zinc beneficiation process provided by Xinhai Mining Equipment has high efficiency and high recovery rate. The copper-lead-zinc beneficiation plants designed by Xinhai Mining Equipment are located all over the world, bringing rich benefici

The beneficiation process is novel and the running cost is lower

Copper-lead mixed concentrate regrind process, no need to finely grind all raw ores, saving grinding cost, and at the same time, concentrate re-grinding further dissociates the copper and lead concentrates, and has a good effect of removing drugs. The separation creates favorable conditions.

Strengthen the flotation process to improve the grade of copper concentrate

Strictly implement the pharmaceutical system in the rough selection section, control the dosage of pharmaceuticals, and achieve "early harvest as early as possible", to reduce multiple cycles and loss of inaction; make full use of the secondary enrichment of foam, and through appropriate water The concentrate foam is washed to reduce impurities in the foam and to achieve the purpose of enhancing flotation.

Copper-lead mixed flotation separation

In the flotation stage, the copper-lead mixed concentrate is preferentially separated, and after regrind, the lead concentrate and the copper concentrate are separated by flotation, and the two concentrates are separately dehydrated.

Zinc flotation separation

The tailings of copper-lead mixed flotation are subjected to zinc concentrate flotation after stirring and slurry adjustment, and the resulting concentrate products are zinc concentrate products after dehydration treatment