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Gold mine flotation production line

[ Capacity ]: >=10tpd

[ Introduction ]:The gold flotation process of Xinhai Mine is mature and has rich technical experience, and Xinhai will design the gold mine flotation process and gold mine beneficiation equipment according to the nature of the ore.

Gold mine flotation process

The flotation of gold minerals generally adopts a one-stage grinding-flotation process. For ores with non-uniform particle sizes in Kanbu, a stage grinding and flotation process can be used. China generally adopts a grinding-flotation process to achieve enrichment of useful minerals.

Gold ore grinding fineness requirements

The requirements of the fineness of the gold ore grinding are generally only required for the dissolution of the sulfide ore monomer for the gold wrapped in the sulfide minerals, but the grinding fineness of the gold that is connected with the gangue needs to reach the gold monomer Dissociate. At the same time, the grinding fineness of a certain mineral is determined by experiment.

Gold mine flotation pulp concentration requirements

The principle of gold ore flotation is: flotation of large-density, coarse-grained minerals often uses thicker pulp; on the contrary, when flotation of small-density, fine-grained and slime is used, thinner pulp is used, and coarser thicker The slurry can guarantee a higher recovery rate, and the use of a thinner concentration is beneficial to improve the quality of the concentrate.